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Year 6

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Class Information Year 6

·       Class Teacher – Miss Dixon

·       Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Miss Slatcher


·       We encourage children to use written methods taught in previous years. Standard written methods are consolidated in Year 6. The only new written method introduced this year is long division.

·       Children should now be able to recall quickly and accurately any times table fact.  Accuracy and speed of times tables are extremely important and should be revised at home as often as possible. Times tables knowledge in important in underpinning all aspects of mathematical knowledge needed in this class.

·       During lessons, children are given ‘green paper challenges’. These challenges are set to make sure pupils have mastered the concept being taught.

·       The children are asked to comment on their learning at least once a week, stating how they found the lesson and what they would like more help with.

·       Booster classes take place on a regular basis to support children who might be finding the work challenging.


·       Children in Year 6 are expected to write extensively as often as possible. After a ‘Big Write’, all children are given at least two or three targets to work on.

·       Handwriting is expected to be joined.

·       A new spelling rule is introduced every week and a test takes place every Friday.

·       Comprehension lessons are taught once a week alongside at least two short guided reading sessions.

·       Children should alwayshave a reading book in school. They read for at least 10 minutes a day (a mixture of silent reading and reading aloud to someone). We encourage children to use expression and ensure they understand what they are reading. They should attempt to use a dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown words.

·       Booster classes take place on a regular basis to support children who might be finding the work challenging.


·       Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back in the following Friday.

·       Parents / guardians should sign their child’s reading diary to say they have listened to them read at least once a week.

·       Spelling tests take place on a Friday

Knowledge Organiser:

Every child is given a knowledge organiser for the current topic taught in class. They are expected to talk about and learn the information on the organiser with their friends and family at home.

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