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Year 4

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Teacher - Mrs Millard

SEN 1:1 TA - Mrs Cadman


Weekly routine

·           PE will be taught every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has both indoor and outdoor PE kits. Pumps and trainers need to be in school at all times and all clothes should be clearly labelled.

·           Swimming lessons will start again from next Wednesday (12th September). All children are required to wear a swimming hat.  Girls should wear a swimming costume (not a bikini) and boys should not wear ‘baggy’ swimming shorts.  Earrings are not allowed in the pool.

·           All children require a named painting apron/shirt, which is to remain in school at all times.

·           Please ensure that any water bottles are clearly named and have a secure lid to prevent leakages. We ask that plain water only is provided. If need be children will have the opportunity to refill their water bottle throughout the day, they will be shown where to do this. 

Start and end of the day
Children will need to come through the main door, by the Year 4 and 5 classrooms in the mornings. They will also need to be collected from these doors at the end of each day. 

Inhalers and medication
If your child requires an inhaler, please ensure you send it into school, with an up to date copy of their asthma plan. Please put everything together in a clear box, labelled with a picture of your child and their name. This will then remain in school. 

It is very important that you do not send any medication into school with your child. If your child does require medication please contact the school office to make any necessary arrangements.

Homework will only be set if your child has struggled with the work during the week and needs further practise to consolidate their learning. Any homework set will be stuck into their homework book so please check this at the end of each week. Homework is due in the following Wednesday in order to allow time to mark it and also to help any children who may need extra support. Please encourage children to complete their work independently where possible. However, if they have needed your help, please make comments on the homework as to what support was given so we can plan further work as required. 

A set of spellings will be sent home every Thursday and children will need to learn these for the following Wednesday. Every four weeks the children will have a consolidation test to practise all the spellings they have learnt over the past 3 weeks. Their spelling lists will be stuck in their spelling books. This will also be the book which they carry out their tests in. They will bring this book home with them each week to practise but it will need to be brought back into school every Wednesday for the test.  

Reading books
Children will be given a book from the Big Cat Book Scheme which they will take home. This, along with their Reading Record, should be brought in to school every morning and will be sent home every evening. They should not feel pressured to rush their books but I would be very grateful if you could listen to them read for 10 minutes each day. If they are reading frequently enough, they should be changing their books weekly. Please try and ask questions about what they have read, to check their understanding. This can include what a particular word means, a summary of what they have just read or what they think will happen next.  Please try and make comments in their Reading Records on your child’s reading.

Take Home Tasks
Each term children will bring home a take-home task. This will be based on the current topic. It could be anything from a project building exercise to a power point slide show. For each topic children will have 4 – 6 weeks to complete these projects and will then have the opportunity to present this to their class.  

Dinner Money
Could I please ask that dinner money is sent to school in an envelope/purse, with your child’s name and year written on it. This can also be done online through Parent Pay. Dinner money is £2.20 a day.

Year 4 Class blog
Year 4 has a blog page which is available at On this page, you will find information about what children have been doing during the week and also what will be covered in the forthcoming week. I aim to update the blog on a weekly basis.

Year 4 Topics

Term 1

The Romans 

Term 2


Term 3

Stone Age to Iron Age


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