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Year 2

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Class Information Year 2


Class Teacher – Mrs Bradley

Mrs Pedley (part-time Teaching Assistant), Miss Lake (1:1 Teaching Assistant) and Ms Bering (Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Autumn Term: Fire, fire! (The Great Fire of London)

Spring Term: On Safari (Africa)

Summer Term: Up, up and away (Space)


·       Pupils are encouraged to use the full range of calculation strategies they have been taught in previous classes.

·       Mathematical reasoning and fluency is taught by giving the children access to a range of activities in differing contexts.

·       Problem solving forms a regular part of our weekly maths lessons.

·       Pupils are encouraged to extend and solidify their learning by answering challenges and targets throughout the week.

·       2, 5 and 10 times tables facts should be recalled quickly and accurately. Times tables knowledge is important in underpinning all aspects of mathematical knowledge needed in this class.

·       The pupils are asked to indicate how they found the lesson by using a traffic light system.


·       Pupils write a ‘Big Write’ once a week and are given personalised targets to work towards.

·       Comprehension, English skills and Speaking and Listening are all taught once a week.

·       Short phonics lessons are taught every day, following the Songs of Sounds scheme, which follows on from their learning in Year 1.

·       Pupils are given reading days; this is when they will be listened to by an adult. Children have guided reading group sessions with the class teacher at least once a week where the teacher will listen to them read and check their understanding of a range of texts.


Spellings are given out on a Friday and the pupils are tested the following Friday. Not only are they tested on the spelling, but also the meaning of the word in context.


·       Homework is only set if children need extra help with a particular area of their learning, it will be given out on a Friday and is due back the following Wednesday.

·       Pupils are expected to read every day at home. Parents are encouraged to listen to children read as often as possible and sign their reading record with comment on how the child has read.


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